Melissa Xiong
Regional Nurse North Texas

Melissa’s Story

I’ve always wanted to make sure that I enjoy the work I do.  With the multiple career paths that I’ve chosen to educate myself in, including business, engineering, and nursing, it has been made clear that nursing was the right decision.  Being a part of and being able to work with communities and building a team that truly cares about todays’ seniors is a true blessing.  

I have always enjoyed helping my elders ever since I was a child.  Whether it be translating for my elder family members when we moved to America or volunteering at different hospitals and nursing homes.  I enjoyed the many life experiences that they shared with me.  My passion lies in making a difference both in my immediate family and the family this career has afforded me.

One of the things I love about Arbor House is that we are a small, close knit group that truly cares about our residents.  After being in larger companies, it is refreshing to be able to “do what is in the best interest of the resident” without the red tape and hassle of a large corporate regimen.  It is as simple as recognizing a need and making it happen!  Shaye and Natalie allow me to accomplish my goal: ensuring that our residents have a safe and happy home with us. We thrive to give a new meaning to life… and I love being a part of that!